96..50ML TUBE RACK 12.21.20


Thermal tube rack designed specifically to hold 96 – 50mL tubes that support adjacent 4-position DWP thermal unit on the deck. Both units integrate with the Beckman Biomek FX deck. Thermal tube rack units available in all capacities and tube sizes to support work flow efforts. Both units were made to specifically complement each other to increase work flow without compromising sample integrities due to lack of or erratic temperature stability to all tubes and plates.

Thermal system supports large batches of  bioanalytical processes from aliquoting through analysis and samples while properly temp controlled to maintain sample integrity for either short- or long-term cycles.

Thermal tube rack easily slides on/off Beckman ALP unit as does the 4-position unit. Operating temperature range is between -10˚C to +150˚C.  Temperature uniformity from tube to tube is a +/-0.1˚. Thermal mapping results from other MéCour units available upon request.