Products for Tube-Based Assays

ApplicationProductProduct Description
 DNA Plasmid Preps

tube based assays tube rack

60-96-2mL VBV

Tube rack 96 – 2mL with SBS base

 tubes and thermal block for tube based assays


Tubes, 50mL x 4 Thermal Block

thermal insert, tube based assays 


Eppendorf 1.5mL tube Thermal Insert in 4 x 6 layout
Magnetic bead assays  &  Precipitation reactions

tube based assays tube units from mecour


Tube Rack 4 x 6 layout for 24 - 2mL tubes

 dram vials for tube based assays

60-96-1 DRAM

Tube Rack 6 x 16 layout for 96 - 1 Dram vials

tube based assays - thermal stir plate 

Thermal Stir Plate Unit

Stir Plate Thermal Block system

 tube rack, 96 1.5mL tubes

60-96 1.5 EPP

Tube rack, 96-1.5mL tubes


 tube based assays, media bottle


Media bottle , 1 liter x 2 Thermal Block
 Combinatorial/general wet chemistry

thermal block for tube based assays 


Tubes, 50mL x 4 Thermal Block
Extractables/leachable sample preparation

 thermal insert, tube based assays


96 PCR plate thermal insert
Standardized chemical analyses (ISO, ANSI, IEC, ACS, AOAC)

 vials on sbs base, tube based assays

00-99/1.1mL vials

96-1.1mL vials SBS base