Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Solutions


Ultra Low Temp thermal block designed specifically for benchtop applications. Unit totally insulated while operating at -85°C. Sustained uniform temperature to all 24 vials, elminating need to retrieve such vials from large -80 freezers. 

 80C 2mL vial unit resized 600


60-2415-2mL Open

These compact benchtop units can accommodate either larger vials or vial capacities per customer requirements. Elminates sample degradation via premature thawing of valuable tissue sampes or cells.

Contolled Freeze ! resized 600

Ambient to -65˚Thermal Map

Above graph details precise and uniform temperature control during prescribed cooling/freezing process from ambient to -65°C.


overview minus65°C up to 20°C resized 600

-65˚to Ambient Thermal Map

All MeCour thermal blocks can be used for both heating or cooling. No need to change out thermal block or any other component that affects the temperature control of your samples. Same thermal block shown is used for controlled cooling and controlled thawing. Set desired temperature requirements on programmable circulator which will precisely control either the cooling/freezing or thawing process, i.e., 1°/min or 1°/hour. You control the rate of cooling, freezing and/or thawing process.

                   MeCour Huber ULT resized 600


 65C UNIFORMITY resized 600

MéCour’s UltraLow Temp -65˚C system maintaining excellent thermal distribution to 428 – 2mL glass and plastic vials. Can you guess which temp coincides with either the plastic or glass vials?