Q: How do you order from MéCour ?


To place an order with MéCour, MéCour needs the following info to determine you'll receive exactly what you need:

  • Operating temperature(s) of application(s)
  • Do you need Only Cooling, Only Heating or Both temperatures (for correct circulator)?
  • What type and number of plates do you wish to use? PCR, 384 well, Culture, etc.
  • *Plate type determines correct Thermal Insert for that specific plate
  • If using tubes, media bottles, state size, number and Maximum sample volume in tube/vessel
  • Is this a Benchtop or automated application
  • If automated, who is the robot manufacturer (reference our website for all MéCour Automated Partners. We integrate our thermal systems on to all of their decks).

Please contact us with your order.