TW   6 thermal towers 1[1]

TW - 6 Thermal Towers

Six-plate vertical thermal towers. Originally made for Agilent BioCel platforms. MeCour thermal towers integrate with Beckman, Tecan, and PerkinElmer automation platforms and others.


TW   6 thermal towers 3[1]


TW - 6 Thermal Towers

Conserve space via vertical thermal towers for either benchtop or automation applications. Plate capacities range from 4 to 12. Accommodates standard plates, reservoirs, and/or Deep well plates. Allows maximum flexibility for sample prep applications.

TW-6 Thermal Tower Configuration

TW - 6 Thermal Towers Configuration

6 Plate Thermal Tower integrated with Agilent BioCel deck. Saving valuable space while plates are accessible to gripper.