TW-5 and TW-10DT



TW-5 and TW-10DT Thermal Towers Shown Together 

MéCour designs its thermal towers to your specifications, which include the number of thermal plate nests to the spacing between nests to accommodate any consumable used. These particular pictures detail a 5-position tower that supports low profile 384 well PCR plates and taller 10-position tower that accommodates Deep Well Plates. Spacing is dictated by the amount of space the plate gripper requires to properly access all plates. General temperature range these towers provide are between -20°C to a +125°C. All MéCour towers are designed to incorporate your automated platform space requirements, thus keeping unit as compact and low profile as possible. Plate capacities range between 2 to 12, pending available working space designated for tower position.

The tower base is designed to integrate with any automated platform. Overall MéCour thermal systems integrate with end user PC via RS232 interface.

Contact us to review your specifications and application workflows and obtain a MéCour proposal.