Design Specific Thermal Products (MeCour's Famous Odd Ducks)

Double Square Unit

MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker Part Number: STKR

Pre-temp or maintain plate temperature throughout application process.


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MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker Part Number: STKR

Plate capacity between 20 and 40 plates.



                                                       STKR FRONT PROTECTIVE COVER resized 600

Stacker & Protective Cover

In an effort to eliminate condensation issues when cooling down 40 plates @ 4˚C, MéCour developed a gripper friendly protective front cover that seals out ambient influences and seals in excellent temperature to all 40 plates. See thermal graph below.



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Condensation Controlled Stacker & POD

(Should be third) Eliminate/control condensation to all plates


Thermal Plate Stacker Twister II

MéCour – Twister II Thermal Plate Stacker

Designed to perfectly accommodate Twister II arm.


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Thermal Map of MéCour Plate Stacker

Maintains plates consistently at desired temperature setting.