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Wherever your liquid handling needs take you, the modular JANUS workstation by PerkinElmer is designed to defy obsolescence. The cornerstone of the next generation of automated liquid handling systems, the PerkinElmer system provides:Perkin Elmer workstation

  • Flexibility today—choose from 4- or 8-tip models in compact or expanded deck sizes.
  • Scalability for tomorrow—modular design enables easy upgrades including 96- or 384-tip arm with Modular Dispense Technology.
  • Walk-away automation—add a second integrated labware movement module.
  • Additional capacity—for microplates or disposable tip boxes, simply connect a PlateStak microplate storage device.

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Thermal Plate Stacker

PerkinElmer has been our partner for almost a decade. We work closely with them to design temperature control solutions that run on the Sciclone, Twister II and Zephyr liquid handling systems. These systems handle compound management, HTS, genomics, proteomics and bio-analytical assays, as well as numerous commercially available kits.caliper life sciences thermal plate stacker

LabChip® EZ Reader

With the new temperature control option powered by MéCour Temperature Control for the LabChip® EZ Reader you can set the temperature of your kinetic reactions within your EZ Reader precisely.

caliper life sciences/mecour systemWith the opportunity to chill down the plate as low as 4°C it is possible to slow down enzymatic reactions or accelerate them by heating up to 42°C. Find the optimal condition for your reaction of interest and keep it constant even when the environmental conditions within your laboratory may change.

describe the imageThe EZ Reader with temperature control option is the optimal tool for real time kinetics including long term experiments such as off-rate measurements and other mechanistic evaluations of enzymatic reactions.

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