MeCour 80-04 PE


This accurate and uniform temperature sensitive MeCour controlled thermal  tray can be configured to integrate with a GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS WorkStation or sample preparation robot, independent of the chromatography system.

Sample preparation steps are easily set up for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use without compromising sample integrity due to temperature instability. Thermal trays can be designed to accommodate any consumable plate, vial or tubes and provide a temperature range between -40˚C to +200˚C. Conduct specific ramping cycles all within the same MéCour Thermal Block. MéCour Thermal system perfect for:

  • Derivatization and Standard addition

  • Dilution and extraction

  • Cooled or heated conditioning and mixing from -40˚C to +200˚C

  • Temperature ranges and ramping provided in same thermal block

  • Multiple thermal tray configurations that accommodate any consumable plate, vial or tubes

  • Sonication or Centrifugation

  • Automated weighing of liquid samples and standards

  • Parallel evaporation and concentration

  • Reading and processing of barcodes

  • Solid Phase Extraction SPE