Mass Spectrometry LC/GC

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MeCour will accommodate your multi-valve (single, two or three valve configurations) and provide precise temperature management to all of your LC/GC components. We offer superior temperature stability and reliability within a compact and cost-effective platform. Temperature ranges from -65˚C to +200˚C.

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Complete MéCour Thermal System for PAL®

MeCour will provide thermal systems that perfectly integrate with CTC PALs® that accommodate any plate, tube or vial required for your specific application. None of the MeCour thermal blocks exude a heat signature that would adversely affect adjacent reagents or samples.

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70-HTL Thermal Hotel

MeCour produces a wide range of fluid-driven heating or cooling thermal systems for LC, LC-MS GC, and GC-MS applications. These thermal solutions perfectly integrate with and support existing CTC PALs® and affiliated OEM names by LEAP, Gerstel, Agilent, PerkinElmer, Thermo, Waters and numerous others. Our thermal solutions can be used as stand-alone units or be integrated with virtually any sample handling or automation platform. These systems accommodate all consumables, cryovials, tubes and media/reagent reservoirs.