80-04 SA


This four-position multi-purpose thermal unit was designed specifically for Sirius Automation and the unique tube racks they utilize. The additional modification to the four thermal nests allows for the end user to temperature control 1Liter bottles or beakers that have low sample volumes. Designed to easily integrate with the automated deck, and the quick fluid disconnects (standard on all MéCour thermal units) allow for easy removal or placement on the deck without having to interrupt the operation of the circulator that’s providing the constant controlled thermal fluid to the unit.

Different plate capacity MéCour units available to support the demands of your particular work flow and provide a wide temperature range of -80°C to a +200°C. Eliminate compromising sample integrities due to lack of or erratic temperature stability to all consumables supported by this thermal system.

Thermal system supports large batches of bioanalytical processes from aliquoting through analysis and samples while properly temperature controlled to maintain sample integrity for either short- or long-term cycles. Suitable for sample storage, DNA isolation and precipitation reactions. Thermal management sustains sample integrity during spinning, freezing and/ or thawing procedures all controlled in just one Thermal unit. Temperature uniformity for the plate well is +/-0.1˚. Thermal mapping results from other MéCour units available upon request.