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Using the same Nanodrop series fluidics module as the Idex Nanodrop I and ExtY, the Idex Nanodrop II is a complete solution for low volume, high-precision pipetting. The system can be configured with one or two plate positions to enable applications such as assay miniaturization, method development, PCR reaction setup, and protein crystallography.

idex nanodrop seriesWhen a single plate nest is used, 4 individual tips can access any well of a standard SBS plate, enabling complex method development and design. The Nanodrop II aspirates and dispenses a broad range of liquids including DMSO and features the Nanobuilder software system that enables a wide range of applications and data manipulation. Innovadyne’s patented technology isolates the solenoid dispense actuators from the sample path. This assures long life and easy, low-cost maintenance.