lab automation equipment /
liquid handlers

  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery
  • Genomics
  • HTS
  • Microtechnology
  • Proteomics

MéCour provides a full range of lab automation equipment including automation-friendly thermal blocks that easily interface with the existing decks of most commercially available automated systems. Thermal blocks for a single plate or tubes do come with an SBS compliant base footprint for easy integration on the deck.  MéCour will make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are provided with rock solid, stable temperature control for your critical and sensitive applications. 

Whether for single or multiple positions, MéCour will design thermal blocks to conform to tight deck surface restrictions. Control your valuable end results with precisely controlled temperature. Thermal blocks can be mounted to modular shakers or stir plates on the automation deck.

MéCour has built specific lab automation equipment solutions for the top lab automation / HTS systems.  Visit our Partners page for more information.