Laboratory Plate Storage and Sample Storage

ApplicationProductProduct Description
Laboratory Sample Storage/Plate Storage

 laboratory sample storage 4-microplate thermal block


4 microplate thermal block for Caliper Sciclone deck

 sample storage 5-microplate thermal block


5 microplate thermal block landscape design

lab sample storage block for Hamilton Star 

80-05 STAR


5 microplate thermal block for Hamilton STAR deck

 thermal tower for sample storage

TW-6 Thermal Towers

6 microplate Thermal Tower for Agilent BioCel & other decks

 sample storage thermal plate stacker

Thermal Plate Stacker

40 Microplate Thermal Plate Stacker for Caliper Twister II

laboratory sample storage tube rack


Tube Rack holding 182 - 2mL vials

 ultra low temp thermal hotel

60-48 : -80C Hotel/ 2mL

-85C  UltrLow Temp Thermal Hotel for 48 - 2mL vials

 deep well plate thermal sample storage block

80-114 MRKSP

Deep Well Plate Thermal Block for 4 plates & BiomekFX deck

 tw-12p thermal towers for sample storage


TW-12P Thermal Towers

 tw-12p & shaker

TW-12P & Shaker

TW-12P Thermal Tower & Glas-Col Shaker

thermal plate stacker


MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker PN STKR

thermal plate stacker 


MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker PN STKR

stacker and cover 

Stacker & Protective Cover

 condensation controlled stacker

Condensation Controlled Stacker & POD

 twister thermal plate

MéCour – Twister II Thermal Plate Stacker

thermal mapm plate heat map 

Thermal Map of MéCour Plate Stacker