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MeCour-Huber has designed systems with tolerances as tight as ± 0.1 °C. The MeCour-Huber ultra-low temperature cryostats are specifically designed to eliminate “edge-effect” and hot/cold spots ensuring precise and accurate temperature distribution across the working areas of the system.

The superior performance of these thermal systems has been validated through a number of thermal mapping studies. Results of this testing under both static and ramping conditions are presented in the following figures.

huber thermal unit screenshot


mecour/huber thermal systemMeCour-Huber ultra-low sample management systems will provide you with a powerful new tool minimizing adverse sample impact while increasing throughput.

Whether you require a single or a hundred systems to provide temperature control to a few or dozens of samples, MeCour-Huber will work closely with you to provide the perfect solution(s) to meet your requirements.

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