Maintaining constant temperature can be a continuous problem.

If you have used methods like ice buckets, water baths, thermal electric devices, heating blocks, or refrigerators you’ve probably noticed:

  • The inability to maintain a consistent temperature over an extended period of time
  • Poor or uneven temperature distribution across the work surface
  • The temperature source can be a concern for contamination
  • Working in a wet area can be a potential electrical hazard
  • Your work surface becomes unstable and you lose samples

MéCour thermal blocks and laboratory thermal products eliminate the above issues and provide the following advantages over conventional heating/cooling methods:

  • Temperature range from -100 °C to +300°C
  • Temperature precision to ±0.1 °C
  • Heating or cooling within the same thermal block
  • Easy connection to circulation baths
  • Sealed to eliminate hazards and contamination
  • Compatible with existing lab equipment (chillers/heaters, stir plates, and modular shakers)
  • Perfect integration with automation systems
  • A stable, rock-solid work surface for performing experiments