Fpro Formulator

hte′s Fpro Formulator automates the preparation of multi component formulations. The Fpro Formulator brings the benefit of high throughput experimentation to R&D and application laboratories which actively invent and improve:hte formulator

  • home and personal care products
  • coatings, lacquers, inks, adhesives and sealants
  • cosmetic preparations
  • performance chemicals

hte tailors every system to meet the application needs of the client’s laboratory. hte’s Expertise and experience from their own chemical research organisation enables hte to implement the Fpro Formulators successfully into every laboratory environment. The systems are validated with the appropriate target chemistry.Key features of the Fpro Formulator are:

  • Mass-based viscous fluid dispensing
  • Solid dispensing
  • Volumetric dispensing of low viscosity liquids
  • Integrated 4x liquid handler
  • Disposable tip option
  • Heated needles and cap-piercing needles
  • Washing station
  • Standard liquid handling tasks
  • Mixing and heating units
  • Sample handling
  • Application of barcodes