Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Solutions

 80C MeCour system  STAR deck resized 600

-80C MéCour system – STAR Deck

MéCour works with multiple automation companies to design and integrate thermal systems for their liquid handler platforms. MéCour provides the thermal units that best suits the end-user’s exact application requirements and offer an extensive temp range from +200˚C to as low as -90˚C. Such systems allow for complete sample prep on the deck followed by a controlled cooling / freezing process to prepare samples for either long term storage off the deck or other procedures. Same thermal system will precisely monitor the thawing process as well per the end-user’s temperature ramping guidelines.

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Controlled Freeze

Thermal graph details programmable and precise ramping from ambient down to -65˚C @ .1˚ per minute. This process can be easily reversed to carefully control the thawing of precious samples.


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-80 MeCour Thermal System

These -80C systems integrated with a number of automated platforms are compact and do not require and extensive amount of floor space.


 80C automated system

80-05ULT & 60-16ULT

This MéCour -80˚C thermal system was integrated with the Hamilton STAR deck and provides end-user with multiple options.This application specific system provides the end-user multiple options using various consumables. Pictured on the left side, this unit accommodates 1 DWP and in the rear, 16 large vials. The right side unit provides uniform well to well temperature maintenance to 5 standard microplates.

 80C Protective Septim Cover resized 600

-80C Protective Septum Cover

MéCour integrates into these low temp thermal system units a protective & sealed insulation cover that eliminates ambient influences and the development of frost. These covers are designed to allow for uninterrupted pipeting process while maintaining internal sample temp and controlling thermal surface environment.

Protective Septim Cover resized 600

Protective Septum Cover

Protective cover easily lifts for loading/unloading of plates.