Vessel Applications

ApplicationProductProduct Description
BioProcessor scale up studies for recombinant biopharmaceuticals

thermal hotel for vessel applications


Thermal Hotel, 6 plate unit for HPLC applications & storage

 vessel applications tube rack

60-20mL tubes & stirplate

Tube rack, 20mL tubes integrated on Stir Plate

 prodcust for vessel applications, media bag


 Media bag flat surface Thermal Block

Precipitation Reactions

twin vessel thermal block


Media bottles, 1 liter twin Thermal Block
Homogenization of tissue/vegetative samples

 shaker, vessel applications

80-04 SHAKER

4  plate Thermal Block integrated with Glas-Col shaker

 tw-12p & shaker

TW-12P & Shaker

TW-12P Thermal Tower & Shaker
Melting of oils/lipids

 eppendorf tubes and shaker

60-96 1.5 EPP

96-1.5mL Eppendorf tubes & shaker

Media/buffer storage

 vessel applications, tube rack


Tube Rack  4―50mL tubes

thermal inserts, vessel applications 


Eppendorf 1.5mL tube Thermal Insert in 4 x 6 layout

thermal block, media bottles 


Media bottles, 1 liter twin Thermal Block
Viscosity Studies

 thermal block, vessel applications


Media bottle, 4 liter Thermal Block

 large media prep vessel applications
36L & 7L Media Thermal Vessels

Large media prep vessels