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MéCour thermal control systems videos for genomics applications.

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  MeCour video 1 for genomics applications

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Genomics Applications

ApplicationProductProduct Description
Homogenization of Tissue Samples

stir plate for genomics applications


Tube rack, 20mL tubes integrated on Stir Plate

 tw-12p thermal towers for genomics applications


TW-12P Thermal Towers

 tw-12p shaker genomics applications

TW-12P & Shaker

TW-12P Thermal Tower & Glas-Col Shaker

thermal plate stacker


MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker PN STKR

thermal plate stacker 


MéCour Thermal Plate Stacker PN STKR

stacker and cover 

Stacker & Protective Cover

condensation controlled stacker

Condensation Controlled Stacker & POD

twister thermal plate

MéCour – Twister II Thermal Plate Stacker

thermal mapm plate heat map 

Thermal Map of MéCour Plate Stacker
Cell Based &  Microsomal Screening

 99-401CB-BF for BioMek FX


Single Microplate thermal block for Biomek ALP & base fluid fittings

genomics applications tube unit 


 MULTI Tube Rack holding 4-50mL & 3 - 15mL tubes
DNA & Purification Cleanup

genomics applications multi tube rack 


 Media bottles, 1 liter round bottle Thermal Block
Controlled freeze/thaw

design specific products for genomics applications


Thermal Hotel, 6 plate unit for HPLC applications & storage

thermal inserts genomics applications 


 Tube Rack for CALIPER & 4 separate 28 - 2mL tube racks
Seed Culture Preparation

tube rack for use in genomics applications 


 Tubes, 50mL x 4 Thermal Block
Digestion &  Denaturation procedures

tube units for genomics applications 

60-96-1 DRAM

Tube Rack 6 x 16 layout for 96 - 1 Dram vials

60-50-15ml tubes for genomics applications 


MULTI Tube Rack holding 4-50mL & 3 - 15mL tubes

tube shaker for genomics applications 

60-96-1.5mL & Shaker

Tube Rack 8 x 12 layout for 1.5mL tubes with Glas-Col shaker