How are you maintaining the temperature of your expensive samples? We have a better alternative.

36 & 8L MEDIA THERMAL VESSELS resized 600

These MeCour thermal units provide temperature stability to your valuable reagent and media volumes in various bottle sizes. You can sustain the integrity of your sample volumes for long periods of time and ultimately equilibrate your entire application at the same temperature from reagent bottle transfers to microtitre plates. MeCour thermal blocks accommodate SBS-compliant consumables and range in plate capacity; plate style or type (i.e., DWP or reservoirs) in order to meet specific application requirements. Plate capacities range from 1 to 20 in either horizontal layout or vertical thermal towers.

All MeCour thermal blocks integrate with any automation platform or bench top applications. Please reference the Applications and Automation dropdown menus for compatible thermal blocks for your specific applications.


Reagent bottles, 100 mL twin Thermal Block

2 -11NV - 100mL bottles

      1 1LR NVP2 resized 600

    Media bottles, 1 liter twin Thermal Block 

60 250 100 THUMB        60-250-100



1-1LRD-FT, 3L Bottle 

1-1LRD-FT 3L bottles

1 1LSQ NV thumb


Media bottles, 1 liter round bottle Thermal Block


Media bottle, 4 liter Thermal Block
4L -NV

imageReaction vessel, 250mL size Thermal Unit36 & 8L Media Thermal Vessels

4  plate Thermal Block integrated with Glas-Col shaker
80-04 Glas-Col Shaker



Strir Plate Thermal Block system

Thermal Stir Plate System

Tubes, 50mL x 4 Thermal Block 



MULTI Tube Rack for 1 - 250mL & 1 - 50mL tube

60-250 - 50mL


BioRAPTR , 100mL twin bottle Thermal Block

ACE-CX / 250mL – 75C

60-2100 bipraptr

60-2100 BioRAPTR Bottles

00-60 Mlt 

00-60 mLT

3L unit & stir plate thumb

 3L & Stir Plate




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5L Carboy