vendor choice for temperature sensitive applications

Tube Racks for Drug Screening Applications

Application Product Product Description
Kinase Screens
Tube Rack 96 Well Formal for 2ml tubes and SBS Base for drug screening
60-96-2mL VBV
Tube Rack 96 well format for 2mL tubes & has SBS base
MAPKAP Screens
60 24 2ml tube racks
Thermal Tube Rack that holds 24 - 2 mL vials and has SBS base
 In-Vitro Cytotoxicity
 drug screening tube racks
60-4 x 50mL
Tubes, 50mL x 4 Thermal Block
Apoptosis Necrosis  Tube Rack for Apoptosis and Necrosis
PCR Plate Thermal Insert