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    Temperature Control Systems on the Road

    Posted by Ken Linehan

    One of our best events is SLAS. This year, it was another well-attended show with even higher booth traffic that kept the MéCour staff quite busy. We always look forward to seeing our customers as well as welcoming new faces who are interested in modern temperature management alternatives for their laboratory applications.

    Due to popular demand, we again displayed the -65°C ultra low temperature tube rack solution that integrates with the BioMicroLab XL100 tube sorting unit. Our partner, Ken MacKenzie of Huber, demonstrates the temperature management solutions best in this video. Take a look! 

    The interest in providing sample prep processes with ambient or higher temperature control and the ability to cool down to even a frozen state in the same thermal block unit continues to increase significantly. MéCour had the opportunity to introduce CTC and display their new PAL RTC autosampler, which was integrated with the following.

    • Thermal Hotel (temperature range from -20°C to +200°C with lower temperature maintenance to -65°C currently being developed)
    • Multi-thermal unit accommodating a PCR plate and 24 – 2mL vials that further increased throughput
    • Single valve cooling chamber

    All three MéCour thermal units provide customers with added temperature maintenance to properly sustain sample viability.

    The MéCour "Odd Duck" product line of reagent and media bottles, vials and reservoirs continues to generate solid interest in an effort to properly support applications that involve temperature sensitive enzymes, reagents or media that need stable, uniform controlled temperature throughout the running of the application. These units support both automated and benchtop applications.  

    This year is shaping up to be another adventurous year with early requests for specialized and custom-designed thermal systems that integrate with a myriad of customer applications.

    Contact us to discuss thermal management solutions for your specific applications, or visit our Product Catalog for a wide variety of temperature control systems that accommodate microplates, tubes, reagent/media bottles, mass spec applications and much more.

    Additional photos you may enjoy from SLAS 2016.







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