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How are you maintaining the temperature of your expensive samples? We have a better solution.

This range of MeCour thermal units are an excellent alternative to the thermal electric controls. MeCour offers a wider range of temperature settings from -40°C to +175°C with complete temperature control and stability for your sensitive applications. MeCour thermal blocks accommodate SBS-compliant consumables and range in plate capacity; plate style or type (i.e., DWP or reservoirs) in order to meet specific application requirements. Plate capacities range from 1 to 20 in either horizontal layout or vertical thermal towers. All MeCour thermal blocks integrate with any automation platform or bench top applications. Please reference the Applications and Automation dropdown menus for compatible thermal blocks for your specific applications.

Thermal Hotel, 6 plate unit for HPLC applications & storage 

70-HTL Hotel (Front Complete System)

Thermal Hotel, 6 positions for -65C to +200C for CTC PAL systems 

70-HTL Thermal Hotel

Thermal Hotel for mass spectrometry 

70-HTL Thermal Hotel (Hotel Connections)

 Thermal Hotel, 6 positions accommodates tubes & plates for CTC PAL systems

70-HTL Thermal Hotel

Thermal Hotel, 6 positions accommodates DWP or shallow plates for CTC PAL systems 
70-HTL Thermal Hotel

Valco  HPLC  2 Valve MeCour Cooling Chamber


CTC  HPLC  6  Valve MeCour Cooling Chamber for PAL system


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CTC PAL system with fully integrated MeCour thermal solutions for valves, plates and tubes. 
Complete MéCour Thermal System for PAL

60 40mL MS LCGC

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LC-GC Column Cooling Chambers