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Laboratory Temperature Control Tips & Techniques

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SLAS Recap: Thermal Solutions to Increase Your Sample Quality

Ken and Meghan Linehan of MeCour

The SLAS 2014 show was a great success for MéCour in a number of ways. First and foremost, it was the first opportunity to introduce the “Mé” of MéCour Temperature Control, my oldest daughter Meghan Linehan (pictured at right) to many of MéCour’s loyal customers and friends. To say the very least, she made her Father quite proud. The large amount of consistent booth traffic did not deter her from greeting folks and introducing what MéCour does. She quickly learned the basics on MéCour’s fluid driven, circulator controlled thermal systems and the wide temperature range the company offers with precise, stable and uniform management.

White Paper: Thermal Control Solution for Freezing/Thawing Cells

thermal control white paperDownload a newly released white paper on a feasibility study conducted by ImmunoSite Technologies. 
Feasibility Study: Improving Cryopreservation of PBMC for More Reliable Information From Clinical Trials 

This white paper includes:
  • Improving the quality and throughput of the cell preservation process
  • Previous methods used and challenges
  • Criteria that was evaluated and results
  • Benefits of using stable, uniform temperature control solutions for better outcomes at clinical trials
Download the white paper now for the details.

MéCour Thermal Block Systems and Circulator Set up for Novices

circulators for mecour thermal blocks

MéCour has been at it for 14+ years now. We've been listening to customers and their various needs for reliable and stable temperature control for their plates, tubes, media bottles, you name it. We provide the temperature to it. For automation or benchtop applications in Big Pharma, BioTech or local academic institutions or start-up companies, it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter if the required temp is 4°, 37°, -80° or +250°C. All the circulators connect to MéCour Thermal Blocks in the exact same manner. The system technically operates in the same manner as well. No matter what you call them

Thermal Control Solution for Maximum Extraction of Valuable Reagents


Our latest "Odd Duck" thermal control solution consists of twin, three liter bottles maintained at a five-degree pitch to allow for maximum extraction of valuable reagents. The thermal control system is maintained at 4°C with complete uniform temperature distributed to both bottles.

Thermal Control Update: Modified Plate Stacker for Caliper Twister II

Thermal map of plate stacker

MéCour displayed Caliper’s 40 plate capacity Thermal Plate Stacker thermal control solution at the SLAS show with corresponding thermal mapping detailing temp measurements at points inside the Stacker. 

Thermal Control Systems: More Odd Ducks to Control

Thermal Tube Rack, Dialysis

As we start 2012, MéCour continues to field many requests for our thermal systems that now fall under the “MéCour Odd Duck Category.” Thus, we will have plenty to blog about.

Thermal Circulators for Temperature Control: Does Size Really Matter?

Circulators for temp controlCan you establish which thermal circulator can do the job based on its exterior size?

It seems like a never ending battle we wage at times with a number of interested potential customers and customer-hired consultants regarding the correct thermal circulator that will properly run a MéCour thermal system; especially one that must cool the application. MéCour takes seriously what our customers dictate for their application requirements and what their samples need to be maintained at.

Thermal Control of More "Odd Duck" Applications

MeCour temperature control solutions for all applications

As the Fall LRIG vendor show approaches on 9/19/11 in Cambridge, MA once again at the Boston Marriott Cambridge, we look back at the past 8-9 years MéCour has participated in this interesting and ever changing one-day show. Notable changes have definitely been not only in scale-up in LH/HTS, but the endless and “never ceases to amaze me” applications the end-users require temperature control for but don’t know or simply can’t find a solution to assist them.

Odd Ducks: Thermal Control of Non-Standard Media/Reagent Bottles

Image source Boon Inc.

Ever try and get odd sized media, reagent bottles or tubes controlled for temperature in an ice bucket or open circulating bath? Or better yet, store them in refrigerators or freezers, retrieve them and pray the sample stays “OK” cooled or heated while you run your application process?

Cool Temperature Control: Keeping the Heat Out of Your Samples

MeCour Thermal Tube Rack resized 600

Are your samples getting "cooked" and evaporated whether you like it or not? We've been asked a number of times this year alone to address the problems associated with external heat sources exhausting over or near their precious samples and either evaporating or contaminating them.

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