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    One Size Fits All vs. Plate Specific Thermal Inserts

    Posted by Ken Linehan

    MeCour Thermal Inserts

    We have been producing Thermal Inserts longer than anyone else, dating as far back as 1999 and demand-driven by our customers. It was simple - place any type of microplate on any type of thermal surface at any temperature, and you had a problem. There is an air gap on all plates that exists under the plate from the bottom of the wells or cap to skirt or perimeter of the plate's base. The problem is that air does not act as a very good thermal transfer medium.

    Virtually all plates are made slightly different (in many cases dramatically different) in design, thus a “Universal Microplate Insert” should not really exist, much less be expected to provide well to well uniform thermal transfer. How could it? If your plate assays are not that valuable, costly to replace or replicate, than universal or non-uniform plate well to well inserts will suite you fine. But if attaining and sustaining reproducible and reliable results is a priority, then make the extra effort to get what you really require and need.

    All MéCour Thermal Inserts are specificically made for each plate, no exceptions. The same applies for centrifuge or small cryovile tube sizes that are under a 2mL volume. Odd thing is that a survey of what exits in the market for such Universal Inserts are comparable if not more expensive than MéCour Thermal Inserts.

    All it takes is providing us with your plate(s) or small vials, and we’ll design the correct Thermal Insert that perfectly accommodates your consummables.

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