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    Temperature Control Insights from ASMS

    Posted by Ken Linehan

    "You determine the time, let MéCour control the temperature"


    That was our theme at this month's ASMS conference where attendees stopped by to talk about the temperature control challenges they were having with their laboratory applications. Ice cubes, dry ice and cooling baths continue to be a common temperature control solution, but we all know that isn't the optimal way to treat your expensive laboratory samples and ensure quality results.

    MéCour thermal blocks:

    • Are SBS-compliant
    • Fully accommodate your laboratory work flow
    • Are available in a wide temperature range from -100˚C to +300˚C for cooling, heating or both
    • Accurately record temperature for documentation and compliance
    • Provide precise, exact stable temperature control so there are no wasted materials or lost productivity time
    • Are specifically designed for your applications in many different formats and available for either automation or bench top

    All MéCour thermal control solutions are designed to meet your exact requirements, whether for Mass Spec or other applications. Please visit our Product Catalog and Applications pages to find a solution that is right for you.

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